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So I promised something in March, but all I have at this point is a small update and a free book on Amazon. The world is a little crazy right now (zombie apocalypse excluded), and hopefully by putting some books … Continue reading

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Where did the time go????

I should really put this on some auto-repeat cycle…at least for the next few months: “I’m still alive!” This year has been devoted to the child™, who is a high school senior this year. That means college stuff, graduation stuff … Continue reading

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A blog post.

After (finally) waking up this morning (who knew you could hit REM sleep every 10 minutes for an hour and a half?) I read through my email which included a witty blog post from friend and fellow author, S.J. Madill. … Continue reading

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I’m still alive!

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. At my “day job” I’ve been handed another massive project that needs a lot of help. Not sure why when you do well your “reward” is crappier, more borked-up work, but whatever.  I’ve … Continue reading

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Mercury’s Orbit Has a New Cover!

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An it harm none, write what you know.

Those of you who have somehow managed to find me know I’m really not very active online. I’m an outsider because it’s a place where I feel the most comfortable. But in light of recent events in, but not limited … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s day again; that one day a year where corporations band together to either drain your wallet out of guilt (“you’re an asshole the other 364 days a year—heart-shaped chocolates will excuse that”), or remind you—in no uncertain terms—that … Continue reading

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Writer’s block.

I can’t tell you how many “cures” I have sought for this particular condition. I think it has to do with the way an author’s brain is wired. I can literally feel the gunk in there. It’s a pressure, like … Continue reading

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Resolutions and their fated demise…or not.

Happy (almost) new year! This year, my “resolution” is finally to write a series. Just putting this down into words makes my heart race and my guts churn, and I want to drive a stake through my forehead because my … Continue reading

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What’s in a Name? Or: My Battle With Goodreads® Over a Title.

Normally, I keep my personal dramas personal. I know when to push and when to back down for my own sanity’s sake. But in this case, I’m not backing down, because it’s an issue that, if it hasn’t yet, could … Continue reading

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