Where did the time go????

I should really put this on some auto-repeat cycle…at least for the next few months:

“I’m still alive!”

This year has been devoted to the child™, who is a high school senior this year. That means college stuff, graduation stuff and just general stuff. But I have been writing (albeit, not anywhere as much as I wish I could be) and I’m working on what I hope will be pretty epic. I’ve had all of these really interesting, disjointed characters floating around in my brain for years, which never seemed to behave in any story they got dropped into. So I decided to try and throw them all together and make a very messy man salad (er, that really didn’t come out the way I think it should have…meh). Anyhoo, it’s in the works but I should have at least one book out this year (so help me…)

In other news, the “day job” has also gotten really busy, but I’m super good at not bringing it home with me (except for the occasional sputtering about it). So now I have most of the Boston Metro and all of Atlanta Metro Railways under my (limited) control.


Mine. All mine.

They’re also playing musical cubes at work again (apparently, somebody doesn’t have anything better to do) so I’ll be forced to walk a lot farther between project teams to yell at people…and they might see me coming. On the plus side, it’ll keep my butt from spreading any wider (I hope).

In the mean time, I’ll try to post a little more often with progress reports or at least nifty things I find.


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2 Responses to Where did the time go????

  1. Andrea M says:

    I just reread all your books and I’m hungry for more so I’m glad to hear you’re writing! Sounds like life is busy for you.


    • liablack says:

      Oh wow– thank you! Yeah, life is always busy for everyone, some of us are just better at juggling, I guess. Once the child (TM) heads off to college this fall, I’m guessing there will be a little more downtime for me. Still, I’m hoping to be done with the next book before then!


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