Crazy quilt writing or just a little crazy…

crazyquilt.jpgMy schizophrenic writing style is slowly dragging me forward. I’ve got a lock on two stories right now—both completely different, that keep wrestling for my time. I think the winner might be another sci-fi because the blurb dropped out of my head almost fully formed and it’s delightfully damaged. (What? You were expecting warm and fluffy, maybe?)

Here’s what hit the page (subject to change as I write it, of course):

Roman Speers is a simple man, with a simple goal in life: get through it the best way you can without causing trouble. An army brat, he developed a sense of wanderlust; but instead of joining the military like his dad, he makes his living as a “trucker” transporting goods across galaxies.

Unfortunately, with his guilt over his ex-wife and a having growing child to support, it’s gotten harder to make ends meet. After a run-in with pirates leaves him injured, his ship damaged beyond repair, and his pockets empty, a stranger comes to his aid, looking for someone to fly his ship full of contraband through space. As much as Roman hates the idea, he feels he can’t say no.

Things start to spiral out of control when he’s boarded by the customs authorities. He confesses to the illegal haul, hoping they’ll go easy on him, however it turns out the stranger wasn’t shipping drugs, but bodies.

Xian was once a Tylletian Death Priest. They have a reputation among most species as executioners: taking the life of those lucky enough to choose their own deaths. Roughly three years ago, Xian broke his vow of celibacy and fell in love with another man, a crime to his people punishable by a dishonorable death. He ran, was picked up by a slave ship, and has become the property of a criminal syndicate boss.

He’s now the ringmaster and famous face of Cirque de la Mort, a popular traveling stage show where the participants meet their final end amid flashing lights and murderous props. It’s Xian’s job to make the bad people who come to die for entertainment look really bad, and the show’s popularity has never been higher. But something about one of their latest contestants feels wrong. Roman Speers just doesn’t fit the profile of a killer.

When Xian learns they may be about to execute an innocent man to a sold-out crowd, he has to decide if it’s worth losing everything again to give Roman back his life.

I’m still a couple month’s away from having it ready for release, but I’m hoping for sometime around June. I’ll be reaching out to people who have volunteered to be betas as the time gets closer and my regular editor and new proofreader are already on notice and re-inking their murderous red pens.

Let me know what you think!

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  1. Andrea M says:

    Love it!

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