Buried under covers…or not…

With the relative success of Their Precious Own (henceforth, to be known as “TPO”, cuz’ I’m lazy like that), I’ve decided to invest in some new covers for it and Fidelity (which will always be known as ‘Fidelity”, cuz’ I’m not that lazy).

See, as an indie author who actually worked in design (this was the bygone days of plate printing where each color in a design had to be transferred via massive UV light to a sheet of metal, then slapped onto a printing press and inked… we rode dinosaurs back then, too, BTW), I thought I could “fake-it-till-ya-make-it”. I kind of did for a little while, but now it’s time to get off my 12-cylinder brontosaurus and pay somebody to do something that would take me a few months/years of dedicated learning to do (wrong).

Where to start?

Well, I’d actually found at least one m/m cover that wasn’t a nekkid’, headless torso and I looked up the artist. She’s wonderful, BTW….but more than a little pricey, and not quite what I was looking for. I found a few others, then realized that I was seeing the same models (with heads this time), using the same colors, in slightly different poses (or not) on books by different authors. Eh, no. Not good.

That’s part of the problem when you write anything that isn’t “mainstream”—it’s difficult to find models who are okay being portrayed as a leering sex-addicted millionaire (erotica) or a gay school teacher (m/m romance). I’m dating myself here again, but I remember one “Friend’s” episode where Joey finally got a good modeling gig only to realize he was the poster boy for a campaign against STDs (which also explained why women were not interested in dating him anymore). So yeah…it sucks, but if you’re not writing mainstream fiction, you’re an ad for STDs…or something like that.

…But I digress…

My next stop was DeviantArt. I waded through many, many pages of many beautiful and WTF things and—lo’ and behold—the perfect style! The artwork was being posted by somebody on behalf of the artist so it took some hunting to find a link to the actual creator. Aaaaannnnd the website was almost completely written in Chinese. Google didn’t even ask if I wanted to translate the page, because I think most of the text was actually pasted in as images.


So the long and short of it is I’m still hunting…and once I find, I’ll need to figure out what it is I really want. I’m tempted to just say: “Here! Fix this!” and run away, because the second hardest thing to come up with after a coming up with a title (after coming up with a blurb, that is—which is the hardest thing, hands-down), is figuring out how to make the world notice *your* book in the sea of nekkid’ torsos.

I’ll let you know how it goes.


Photo Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/scalzi/1969216237 Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License



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