So what do writers write about when they aren’t writing about other people?

I’ve surfed a few author blogs; some are filled with helpful “how to’s”, often aimed at other authors, some are made up of tidbits of their writing, what they ate for breakfast (seriously, save that for Twitter); or angry rants about reviewers, readers, other authors, and life in general; or multiple memes of their kitty cats. As for what I’m doing starting (another) blog? Hell if I know. “Social” and “media” sound like an oxymoron to me. I won’t even play an MMORPG because there is a chance I’ll have to interact with a stranger (worse still would be them noticing that I didn’t pay for the yearly membership to get the upgraded weapons and armor pack). It’s hard to talk about myself without being a little self-deprecating, because my agony is someone else’s comedy, so I let my characters handle things for me.

I hate to jinx myself, but currently I am working on two (possibly) follow-up stories to Their Precious Own. It’s the first time I have attempted the dreaded sequel. Other people seem to thrive on them, but my brain switches gears so quickly sometimes that everything I have initially grasped about a character’s personality is now sort of lost to me. I have to get into a character’s head and crawl around in their (imaginary) skin. This morning I finally grabbed hold of a character’s cerebral cortex. Kieran is another one of my boys who is difficult to figure out, and if you weren’t able to “hear” his rationale for his ideas, most people probably wouldn’t like him. He’s Count Fourie’s (Kayle’s father—Lucius…because I don’t think I ever gave him a first name in TPO) younger (half? Half for now) brother, and as politically conservative as Clan can get. I think this line, which I wrote this morning (unedited, etc…), sums up their relationship pretty well:

Kieran and Lucius often locked horns politically. Despite Lucius being older by at least three centuries, he was far too liberal for Kieran’s taste. That, and the fact that they were half-brothers made politics that much more difficult. Sometimes he wasn’t certain if his oppositions were sound or just a case of sibling rivalry. Unfortunately, his peers wondered much the same.

So I’m enjoying it so far, and I’m hoping anything else in this series (and duh, any other books I write) are as enjoyable to other people as TPO was. And apparently, I’ve answered my own question, which is the title of this post. I’m not sure about other authors, but I write about writing about other people…apparently.


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